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What is fuel economy?


Route planner

European route planner for calculating the directions in the European Union and all around the world with gas cost calculator. If you plan to travel by car in a business trip or vacation or just to calculate an itinerary, you have to have a map. can calculate the best routes for you. Old fashioned paper maps can be hard to understand and do not have many roads. Fortunately you can easily plot routes for your trip. It can be very hard to get directions once we find ourselves lost with no idea where to go. Fortunately we can help you plot acurate routes and maps

Driving route planner can provide you with an estimate of your gas consumption and cost based on your car's consumption and gas pirce. You can plan any route on the maps from any location to anywhere. You can also add a secondary waypoint across your route. You can also avoid highways if needed. Also you can avoid toll stations if you want to.
On top of this we can help you reduce gas consumption with our fuel economy function.

Feel free to plot any route you want. You can also print the calculated itinerary on paper with our print button

Fuel economy

Fuel prices have risen recently and any trip is more expensive these days. What is fuel economy? Fuel economy is calculated by your car's consumption and gas prices. The more gas your car uses, the faster you go, more fuel is consumed. That means a high fuel bill. Fuel prices are different from one country to another so that means that different trips can have a different total fuel price

You can calculate the ammount of fuel used and the money spent on it with our gas economy calculator.

How does it work?

When calculating an itinerary, check the "Calculate fuel cost" checkbox. Select your average consumption from the first drop down box and the fuel cost per litre from the second drop down box. After that click the "Plan route" button. The planned route and the gas burned and total cost will be displayed under the map.

So if you desire some plotted routes with gas cost efficiency, we can help you. Visit us online and you'll get the best route planner for your trip